Cardiff White Water

Cardiff wave former


The client

Cardiff International White Water.

What we did

We supplied and fitted RapidBlocs to overcome a limitation in the existing obstacle system.

  • recreational park
  • obstacles
  • flow analysis
  • block setup

The Cardiff course, which opened in 2010, needed a flow mounted feature to better control upstream depths. They needed a safer feature former on the floor than the rival obstacle system, already installed, could offer. Wedges provided smooth flow transitions and smooth waves for freestyle in this low flow course.

Ben Longhurst, Senior Assistant Manager Cardiff International White Water

They are versatile, easy to fit and great once in the water, allowing flexible flow design. They work, are robust and look good”

— Ben Longhurst, Senior Assistant Manager Cardiff International White Water

The new wave formers have tweaked a surging and flushy wave into a much more predictable and surfable shape. The shallow nature of the course demanded a contoured bloc, swimmer safe and strong. We fitted our wave former / safety wedge directly onto the channel floor above and underneath the feature.

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