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With RapidBlocs you can create world beating recreational, competition and training sites; within budget!

  • International Projects

We’ve been travelling the world, making whitewater, slalom and rafting fun in cities, water parks and river courses.
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  • Key Benefits

In just about every way, RapidBlocs stand out from the competition: on cost, during construction, re-positioning, safety and security.

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  • 3D positioning

Wherever you’ve got tracking installed you can align, stack and rotate groups of blocs. Since the tracking is easy and cheap to install, you can put blocs anywhere along the length of your course.

  • Secure

The covering lids can be fitted with security nuts (we normally recommend one per lid). All other fixings are hidden away inside the stack of blocs. Great for public access venues.

  • Support

Our blocs come with a standard 2 year UK warranty. And if you need new blocs for your course redesign you can buy individual blocs and fixings when you need them.

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