Čunovo Water Sports Centre

The client

We worked for the Slovakian Canoe Federation.

What we did

S2O Design redesigned the channel to integrate our patented RapidBlocs™ system. A highly customizable three-dimensional obstacles that form the course’s waves, holes, drops, and eddies. The flexibility of the new system allows the operators to customize the configuration with the desired amount, type, and shape of features for any level paddler. The new competition channel configuration included repositioning the starting gate, adding a spectator-friendly features in front of the grandstand, and reconfiguring the bottom features on the racecourse.


Originally built in 1996 on an island in the Danube, the Cunovo Water Sports Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia hosted its first World Cup kayak event in 1997 and its most recent in 2013. It was recently selected to host the 2021 World Championships and made the decision to redesign and rebuild the historic channel for the event.
The Slovakian Federation tapped S20 Design and Engineering to lead a major renovation of the iconic dual-channel venue. S2O Design created a new channel configuration and incorporation the RapidBlocs™

The unique parallel courses, which allow paddlers to change from one course to the other midway, had become outdated, and unfavorable conditions on the left channel made it largely unusable for recreational paddlers and not conducive for competitions.

A new channel configuration and incorporation the RapidBlocs™ Obstacle system to give Cunovo a better racing experience for top-level boaters and recreation-level users alike.

Project Highlights:

Removed and replaced more than 80% of the channel system.
Incorporated the RapidBlocs Obstacle System
Designed the project in cooperation with the Slovakian coaching staff to ensure the best training and
racing environment for local athletes.
Matched the natural rock aesthetic of the original design
Completed on a short timeline to meet World Championship schedule in spite of the pandemic




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