The Client

The Municipality of Hardenberg

Park Engineers: Royal Haskoning DHV

What we did:

  • Design Advice
  • RapidBloc Supply
  • Unistrut Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

A venue on the Netherlands slalom circuit and a great family channel. Free to operate and a fantastic addition to recreation in a parkland environment. RapidBlocs convert the plain concrete channel to a set of gentle rapids.

Maarten Holdrinet, Kanoslalom Netherlands

Thanks a lot for designing the course; it is a good slalom course.”

— Maarten Holdrinet, Kanoslalom Netherlands

Hardenberg is a small channel but is of great significance in the area around north of the Netherlands. The channel flows by gravity around a weir structure on the River Vecht within a secondary channel located in Battle Park right in the centre of Hardenberg and is the first such channel in the the Netherlands. Despite a limiting flow of only 2 to 4 cumecs the RapidBlocs work well to ensure depth and good eddy’s at the channel widening locations. The course has a drop of less than 1.5m across its 140m length.

The course is popular with the local club and visitors alike and provides whitewater skills training, slalom training and great fun in an area that is completely devoid of any natural whitewater.

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