The client

Communauté d’agglomération du Grand Nancy (Nancy Metropolis) and contracted to Effiage Construction.

What we did

The client and operators wanted to bring this course up to modern standards, produce better features for slalom and recreation.

  • Unistrut supply
  • RapidBloc supply
  • Competitive Venue
  • Recreation Venue
  • Obstacle Retrofit

Design, Construction Supervision and Commissioning:

BE-Jacquel et Chatillon

This is one of the most well known artificial whitewater channels in France and has a proud history however an upgrade was needed in order for it to function as a high level competiton and training venue.
Nancy whitewater course was first constructed and opened in 1997 featuring Hydrostadiums Omniflot obstacle system, it was refurbished in 2014 in order to improve it for canoe slalom high level training and competition.The main problem of the original course were a narrow first section due to a low water level combined with sloped wedges and a misuse of the drop to create features.
Thanks to a combination of RapidBloc areas and fixed rocks it as been possible to increase the depth of the course throughout and consequently make it wider. Whitewater features have been formed all along the course and create a real international whitewater course.
The use of RapidBlocs facilitated the adjustment of the water level and allowed a fine tuning of the features which made it stable, secured and fun.All users from the local club and the French team are unanimous to say that it is like a new course which could easily welcome a U23 International Championship !

Richard Millar, Waterway Dev. Manager, Scottish Canals

The RapidBloc system was the most appropriate system to refurbish the Nancy whitewater course, thanks to its capability at fine tuning, resistance to flooding and easy implementation.”

— Julien Gaspard – Whitewater Engineer at BE-Jacquel et Chatillon

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