Paris 2024 Olympic Course

The client

We worked for Charier – a leading civil engineering company whom are the constructors of the main Olympic Competition channel, the training channel and also the pumping stations.

What we did

The Regional Authority and Paris 2024 wanted the most flexible, well proven whitewater obstacle system available.

RapidBlocs have provided the RapidBlocs system for this most prestigious venue in the Paris 2024 Olympic games. RapidBlocs have presented design advice for the channel geometry as well as regular and continuous on-site support for Unistrut rail positioning as well as working with constructors to ensure concrete tolerances are maintained with proven construction techniques and experience from multiple other projects.

In the competitive environment the whitewater must be fair for all, as well as the very best quality for high level competition. Against strong local competition the RapidBlocs system was successful at providing a proven and high quality solution to the generation of whitewater in artificial channels for the Paris 2024 games venue.  With such pedigree in design and long life in service, even in the toughest of environments such as mass commercial rafting operations in a post games legacy– RapidBlocs have proven themselves to be the best system long term and in the top level Olympic competition environment.  RapidBlocs are proud to continue to support the Olympic games.

The project is moving well in construction and the main RapidBloc installation will take place along with whitewater commissioning in Spring 2018.

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