Rio 2016 Olympic Course

The client

We worked for Queiroz Galvao on this brand new build Olympic competition channel and associated training channel.

What we did

Rio 2016 wanted the very best whitewater and selected the RapidBlocs system.
RapidBlocs equipment was shipped direct to the Deodora complex from our UK factory.

The ultra clean channel that the RapidBlocs system provides was fully exploited by the designers at the 2016 games venue. With no base pads or permanently fixed obstacles, the channel is set to run freely and efficiently between features formed by RapidBlocs on the channel floor- thus reducing “noise” from random choppy waves, surges and other energy wastage in-channel. Every cubic metre of water pumped is used to form quality and desirable whitewater features throughout the entire channel system.

The total flexibility on the rail system allows rapid tuning of features, providing good depths throughout and supreme controllability of hydraulic conditions allowing the sculpting of world class, stable and finely tuned whitewater for the very highest level of canoe slalom competition.

Richard Millar, Waterway Dev. Manager, Scottish Canals

The RapidBlocs product is absolutely 100% successful. The very best whitewater and safety; from Olympic competition to general recreation.”

— John MacLeod- Canoe Slalom Manager, Rio 2016

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