Roudnice nad Labem

The client

Working for Metrostav a.s., the main contractor, we supplied RapidBlocs to the project as request. Advice on the numbers of obstacles was also provided along with rail postioning information.

What we did

The client and operators wanted to bring this course up to modern standards, produce better features for slalom and recreation.

  • Competitive venue
  • Recreation venue
  • Natural river water
  • Obstacles

This site is well known both in the Czech Republic but also around the world having hosted several major championships. RapidBlocs have been used to improve safety, precise water control and the formation of many key whitewater features.
Refurbished in 2014 this course features RapidBlocs as the main obstacle system and also an adjustable freestyle feature near the start of the channel.  Rails were added throughout the channel and now the RapidBlocs system has provided an excellent canoe slalom course with improved safety and feature creation.  It is used for high level competition and train as well as for Swiftwater Rescue Training by the local Fire and rescue Service.  The course will feature in the series of Czech slalom team selection races in the run up to the World Championships in 2015 at Lee Valley, London.

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