Troja Slalom Course

The client

Working for Labska Construction on this retrofit of the RapidBlocs system to this already reknowned slalom course. The course is operated by Slalom Troja.

What we did

The city of Prague and the operators wanted to bring this already successful slalom site up to the highest level for the 2012 Slalom World Cup. RapidBlocs have made the channel much more adaptable and produced the best freestyle feature the course has ever seen.

  • high level competition venue
  • recreational park
  • natural river water
  • obstacles
  • bloc setup

This is the most well known slalom site in the Czech Republic. RapidBlocs have been used on several sections of the course to provide more flexibility in feature design as well as improved depth and stability.

Pavel Přindiš, manager, Troja White Water Centre

… this system the best choice for Troja with respect to flexibility and safety, resistant to flooding and ice flows.”

— Pavel Přindiš, manager, Troja White Water Centre, K1 competitor 1992 Barcelona Olympics

Using the RapidBlocs system the channel now has some excellent features, including a powerful freestyle playhole. Continued evolution of the channel with new RapidBlocs sections during 2012, the course will continue to improve on the classic Troja features and reknowned whitewater, with improved hydraulic efficiency and great carry though of energy. The RapidBlocs were retrofitted with minimal downtime for installation. The course has to deal with ice flows when the river melts and the RapidBloc system copes well in this environment.

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